Julie Janchevsky

Katrina Reynolds

I found a pamphlet about Avinography at a bridal show in Oshawa. We looked at the website and loved the look of the photos so decided to call, and so glad we did!

We ended up meeting Avinash a few days later and decided on spot to use him for our wedding. We're still planning our wedding, but he worked around his schedule so he could shoot our engagement photos on our anniversary.

We had a beautiful teaser the next day, and quite a treasure trove to look through in three weeks' time.

The engagement shoot was included in the wedsing package we chose, and we really appreciate his payment plan (half as a deposit, and the balance after we get our wedding photos). His packages are actually really affordable for the quality of his work, and I can hardly wait to see him at the wedding!

Avinash is a sincerely lovely person; creative shots, and the reflexes of a cat- super-important when capturing those candid moments!

Any couple would be so incredibly fortunate to stumble across his info. You won't be disappointed!



Ladybug Hair & Makeup by Vinny

Avinash is a true photographer in mind and spirit. Each one of his pictures is taken with great precision and timing, for capturing the perfect photograph. Avinash and I have done a few photo shoots together, and the results of each shoot have been phenomenal. The way he captures the beauty of his clients is like no other. Alongside his photography skills, he also delivers great editing all within a timely manner, which is also worth mentioning. 

Avinash is one who embraces the art of photography and delivers above and beyond of what is expected from a photographer. I highly recommend his services to anybody who is looking to have their special moments captured and I am positive that you won't be disappointed.
I wish you nothing but the best in your career.


Sharmistha Chatterjee

Avinash's photos are a treat to look at. It is reflection of reality, beauty and artistry all amalgamated into one. Whichever shades he is using, it supplements the photo beautifully and perfectly. Such freshness and experimental ingenuity is reflected in his photos, which is difficult to find. I am sure he is going to scale greater and greater heights in his pursuit for perfection. I strongly recommend him to anybody wiling to use the service a fresh, self-trained and genius photographer and I am quite sure they would be left wanting for more. All the very best wishes to him for a great and rewarding career.


Debashis Banerjee

Avinash Tripathi is a person, who does the best or atleast tries his level best for doing so, in whatever he does. I am saying this because I know him personally from a close range from a long time. He is extremely talented, confident and has a knack of excelling in unknown domains very fast. Though very sure of his multi-talented personality, I can’t help but still marvel at his successive accomplishments. Coming to photography, an art which he has mastered perfectly in unbelievable time, again true to his potential, I guess he is doing a great job and shows early sign of turning into one of the best photographers ever to grace this planet.

His photos are almost perfect in every detail, serene and the colour and contrast so beautifully captured and presented that when you look at it, it actually translates you to the reality of the moment when captured. He almost freezes reality in every snap. Be it a wedding shoot, a fashion show or just a shoot in the wild, the hue and light forthcoming from his snaps is jus brilliant. Just have a look at his photos yourself and I am sure that you won’t disagree with me. As for me, I would consider myself extremely lucky if I get a chance ever to shoot with him, though separated by thousands of miles at present. I wish him all the very best in his perpetual quest for excellence and I am sure he is doing great job.


Jit Sharma

There is no doubt that Avinash is a great photographer. Perhaps the best thing I like about him is his willingness to experiment with extremely difficult techniques to push the boundaries of his work. That is a hallmark of a very creative human being. Avinash is not afraid to try unsual lighting, unsual angles and unusual colour schemes. I am particularly fond of his wedding photography he not only captures the key moments but also the feelings of love, respect and admiration in his photographs. I provide the strongest endorsement for Avinash's talent and skills and take this opportunity to wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.


Rajesh Nair

Avinash is one of the best photographers I have seen. His work is very creative and professional. I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors. Keep up the good work.



Avinash is easily one of my favourite photographers. His work is always fresh and creative. He is very professional and his work is always phenomenal.


Divya Raj

I can not say enough about Avinash and the quality of his work. He is truly an amazing, Professional and a very talented photographer. I had an opportunity to work with him and I loved each and every shots :). Thanks for all the great pics!!! Keep going and Wishing you all the very best !!!!



Avinash is a great photographer.I met him at Absolute Culture magazine event. He's very friendly, well mannered and has great professional skills. He's very passionate about his work and always eager to learn more. I really like his photography skills. He makes sure the photos turn out good the way other people want it. Hope to work with you again. All the best in the future :) *thumbs up


Sacha, All Glam Affair

I met Avinash in early 2014. From the time that I met him, he was very professional and respectful. Avinash is a photographer who will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot for your event. 

I've never seen a photographer work the way he does! He gives direction and gives excellent advice. He is that photographer who will climb up a tree just to get that perfect shot, just for you.

Avinash is very passionate about his work and it certainly shines through when he is working and it displays in his photography.

I would definitely recommend Avinash for any event. He is without a doubt my go-to guy for photography!



It was a pleasure working with Avinash. He is a very respectful and professional photographer with a unique vision. I appreciated his patience in working with me as I am new to all of this!

I feel very privileged to have worked with you, and hope to work with you again in the future. Keep up the great work :)



Avinash is a very professional & down to earth photographer. He takes precise photos and turns them into master pieces, I truly love his photography! His photo's are very clear and if ever there is something you'd want to change or didn't like he's very open to feedback! It's always a pleasure to work with him!


Alina Mcleod

Avi is a very talented photographer and really makes you feel comfortable infront of the camera.