We’re sisters, specializing in natural and candid images with a timeless, romantic aesthetic.

3Photography is a small wedding photography boutique based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

After graduating university and assisting other wedding photographers, we soon decided that we wanted more. One night over a plate of spaghetti (and unlimited bread and salad) we talked for hours about work and life and decided that we had to join forces and start our own business. We instantly started to create a website and gather our portfolio. It didn’t take much thought as to what we would name our business. It would be “3Photography”.

People ask us why “3” Photography, since the business is headlined by two, not three people. The number “3” signifies the powerful relationship that we had, and still have, with our mother who has passed away. Part of our business is dedicated to her, to show her and ourselves how far we’ve come together.

Looking at a photo of our parents with us as little ones, or getting our hands on photos of our grandparents is so important to both of us now. Those photos are able to tell us things about our lives that we can’t hear from our parents anymore. They provide us with narratives about ourselves, our childhood, and our history – this is so precious to us. We feel very privileged to help you create these memories for yourself and your family.


Hello there! Let us tell you why we have the most magical and fulfilling job in the world. We are in love with love. We are mesmerized by elegant brides, soft lighting, natural settings and bubbly personalities of the bride and groom. We are the artisans who capture the heartbeat of your wedding day and transform it into visual timestamps.

Purple Tree family is a team of passionate photographers who had the lucky chance in life to turn our passion into a career. We love cracking jokes and don’t take life too seriously (unless we have to!) – we are down to earth and easy to deal with. Hearing your stories and vision about your special day is important to us and there is no such thing as too many details!

A big part of being a photographer is being visually inspired by EVERYTHING (and we mean everything!) Our visual style has been perfected over the years and it’s all about softness and elegance. One of the things that we take great pride in is sharing the same visual style among the team of the Purple Tree family. We love all things natural – your face glowing with happiness, feet hurting from dancing – all those things belong to you and it’s our job to be visual timekeepers of your wedding day. 

We appreciate and honour the trust our clients put into our hands. Pure emotions, laughter, tears… We truly believe the greatest pictures are created the same way as falling in love – naturally. And there is a reason why we call photos “visual timestamps”. We care about heritage and legacy – something that can be passed on through time to other generations.

It took us a long time to build our team – every individual member of our team brings something incredible to the table! We work hard to constantly improve our work – feel free to ask us a thousand questions – it will be our pleasure to tell you more about us in person at our cosy Queen St East studio in downtown Toronto.

The magic begins from the moment you walk through the doors of our studio and is only magnified the second our hands touch the camera on your wedding day. We will be with you every step of the way – special connections with our clients and beautiful photos as a result of that relationship is what inspires us to wake up with a smile every day. The coolest part? We can truly say that we see beauty in everything. 

We are creative, eager and curious. We are like a kid at a candy store when it comes to taking photos – we are different (humble, too!) High standards and strive for excellence in everything we do brought us to where we are today. Nice to finally meet you!



  • Luminous Weddings Photography

    My passion is capturing relationships in an honest and natural way. While I love taking pictures of details and dramatic portraits, I think the most important photos I can make are ones that capture the love, joy, and candid, fun moments that happen on your big day.


    If you just got engaged and are looking for creative, yet classic, engagement and wedding photography in Toronto, the GTA, or Ontario, check out my portfolio for a sample of my work and to get some inspiration.


    I work with an impressive team of photographers and always have another photographer with me to make sure we capture every important moment of your day
. If you like what you see and want to find out more, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions.

    - Ryan



    Wolf Photography is a Wedding Photography company based in Toronto, Ontario and available throughout Canada and overseas.

    We are a husband and wife duo with a diverse team of passionate, down-to-earth, and heart-driven photographers.

    Our approach is to document your day in a very natural, honest and easy-going manner. We understand that being in front of the camera can sometimes be unnerving, and so it is with a friendly and professional demeanor that we will be there to comfort, calm, and laugh with you throughout your day.

    Our promise is to capture those ever-important candid and organic moments that become immortalized with a photograph. Not only will you have beautiful and timeless images to adorn your walls, but a priceless collection of memories and "snapshots in time" to come back to, even when your special day has come and gone.

    As a company we source locally, purchase environmentally friendly, and design and correct everything ourselves, with zero outsourcing. Our Toronto-based professional printer provides quality, custom, and handmade products. We are all about giving back to our community, and that is why we are proud to say that a portion of all wedding package proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Foundation Canada.


    The Mango Story. (It’s a love story, really.) So once upon a time in the far away land of Toronto, the dashing young Mo meets the most charming little lady named Nancy. And guess what? They have been inseparable ever since. But wait, it gets better! Instead of holding hands and walking into the sunset together (so last century), they decide to do it better: Nancy becomes Mo’s Partner in Crime, his Side Kick, his Confidante, and if you ask him he will tell you: “his very best friend in the whole wide world”. (Awww.) But Nancy also happens to be an incredibly talented Visual Artist and Award Winning Photographer with a Visual Arts Degree. And Mo’s not too shabby an Artist himself. It’s better than a (heart) story: it’s an Art (Heart) story! Mo graduates with a business degree and together they decide to conquer the world. But first, they need a name. So one day while the future Mamma + Poppa Mango are mucking about with ideas they write down the letters of their own name and…..... Mo And Nancy GOvindji… do you see it? Magic. But Mo and Nancy have a lot of love to give in this world and so they decide to expand the Mango Family All over North America, with offices in Toronto and Miami. With their four feet and one heartbeat, the two set out to find and foster some of the very BEST talent in all of the lands. And the Mango family lives happily every after; just a few passionate artists who photograph really wonderful people, moments, love, laughter and everything that happens in between. Now meet the team of Artists, Designers, and Photographers. Some of us are based in Toronto, Canada, and some in Miami, South Florida, and Los Angeles, California!


    Toronto’s Top Wedding Photographers

    Professional wedding photography is not a generic product. Far from it! Every couple is special and unique, and wedding photos and videos must be special and unique to match. Why would you settle for anything less? A wedding photographer is a specialist who works with you to make beautiful and original images for you to treasure always. That’s where Piper Studios comes in…

    Toronto’s Best Wedding Photographers & Videographers

    The journey towards your wedding day should be fun–a chance for you to get creative–and should not be stressful. The Piper team of talented wedding photographers and videographers is on hand to discuss your vision and your dream to make things easy for you. When you choose Piper, you become part of our creative family enjoying all the benefits of our expertise, while having as much creative input as you desire. Because of this, we create images that you can feel! That’s the Piper difference.

    Top 5 Reasons For Choosing Piper Studios

    You’ll have access to the latest trends and technology that the photo and video industry has to offer. Receive top-notch customer service from really fun studio staff. Choose from many styles of photography to match your personality: we do it all!


    Your One-Stop Wedding Shop!

    Save both time and money when you visit the studio. Piper is home to Toronto’s finest makeup artists, wedding DJs, event planners and wedding services (see the Amazing Photo Booth) so you have everything under one roof. It’s now so easy to find great wedding services.



    Who is the talent hiding behind the lens of the Ten·2·Ten Photography camera?  Glad you asked – my name is Erika Hammer and I’m a Toronto wedding photographer whose modern style is a combination of photojournalism and fine-art.  My approach to a wedding day is simple: tell the story of your wedding day by creating meaningful and memorable art.  I’m the lead photographer; we have 3 other super amazing photographers as a part of our team too: Jennifer, Gillian and Sarah.

    Although I’ve been honoured with multiple publications in prominent wedding industry platforms such as Brides, Project Wedding and Elegant Weddings Magazine and have been the recipient of several awards, including being voted one of the Top 30 Under 30 Wedding Photographers in Canada, I truly take pride in my continually evolving style and creativity that I achieve through continuing education and true dedication to my craft.  Although some may say it’s cliché, I find most of my inspiration in my clients and their love for  each other.

    You’ll find an enormous variety of my work throughout our website and blog but if you’re looking for most recent photos, they’re hiding out on my Facebook page in the sneak peek galleries and also on our Instagram page!

    I am a true believer in not only continuing education as are our associate photographers (I love attending workshops and learning new skills) but also teaching others.  For several years I have been offering wedding photography workshops in Toronto as well as one-on-one mentorship sessions that are both short and long-term.

    We are Toronto wedding photographers but we also photograph weddings in Peterborough, the Muskokas, all of southern Ontario and are available for select dates worldwide.


    - See more at: http://www.ten2tenphotography.com/#sthash.gkEs2jLy.dpuf




    Welcome to our website! Let's start by introducing ourselves... We are Dave & Charlotte. We're photographers. Our passion is photographing the relationships between people just like you. We call this lifestyle photography. Often people arrive on our blog looking for wedding photography in Toronto or surrounding area, but we also take on destination weddings around the world. Over the past couple of years we have photographed weddings in places as remote as Australia, India, Mexico, England, Barbados, Jamaica, Puerto Rico to events closer to home, like Montreal, New York and The Muskokas.

    If you're newly engaged and in search of two fun loving, easy going wedding photographers, we're sure you'll love viewing our engagement & wedding photography portfolios. If you like what you see and want to find out more, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

    We hope to meet you soon!



    Wedding Photographer Alexandra Jakubowska

    My passion, hobby and at the same time full-time job is wedding photography. The goal of my work is to capture the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful moments of your lives. I show all the love, happiness that fill this day so that even years later you will be able to really feel and relive it. Capturing real emotions requires skill and individual approach towards every couple. I believe that my portfolio is the best proof of the quality of my work as a wedding photographer. Take a few minutes to browse through my website and contact me in case of any questions.

    I mainly work in the Greater Toronto Area (including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, York, Vaughn, Scarborough, Burlington, Hamilton and other) and have my cozy home studio for kids and newborn photography sessions in Oakville, but I am willing to travel to other locations as well.


    We’re so lucky to have so many beautiful portrait and wedding photography venues throughout Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton and Toronto. Many of these are accessible free of charge, others require a permit depending on the session involved. Each has their own special identity, and plenty of space to make them unique to you and your family.


    Places in Mississauga Places in Oakville Places in Toronto
    Erindale Park, Mississauga 
    A perfect spot for runners, skiers, cyclists as well as for a romantic picnic and – wedding photography. It is the largest park of the city with a number of ideal places to take that perfect shot. 

    Holcim Estate, Mississauga 
    The mansion is located in a charming place right on the bank of Lake Ontario. As it combines unique atmosphere, classic style and comfort it has lately become one of the most popular places for wedding photography sessions and other events. 

    Leslie Log House, Mississauga 
    An original spot in the city, built originally in 1826 by famous Robert Leslie. It was rebuilt and opened to visitors in 2011. The log house has a special, rural atmosphere about itself – ideal for unique sessions. 

    Riverwood, Mississauga 
    For those who enjoy contact with nature and would like to organize the wedding photography session in a beautiful garden, there probably isn’t a better place in the whole city. Riverwood stretches over 60 hectares and contains an amazing variety of plants and animals. 
    Otello's Banquet & Convention Centre, Oakville 
    Beautiful interiors for stylish events, created by professionals who minimize the stress connected with planning and organizing as well as personalize the space according to your wishes. 

    Oakville Conference Centre 
    Every event approached individually, adjustable space and beautiful interiors make it one of the most versatile choices for every couple looking for a perfect place. 

    Erchless Estate, Oakville 
    Enchanting place where the most beautiful wedding photography sessions take place. The estate surprises with its rock garden and fantastic view of the Oakville Harbour. 

    Gairloch Gardens, Oakville 
    Stunningly beautiful every time of year, but simply breathtaking when the rose gardens blossom. 
    Casa Loma, Toronto 
    Ever dreamed of getting married in a castle? Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival house of a fairytale nature. Beautiful architecture, oak, hand-crafted ceilings, amazing greenery and other spots which can be used during your wedding photography session. 

    Toronto Botanical Gardens 
    One of favorite places of every wedding photographer in the city. With a little bit of creativity taking fantastic pictures is granted. If you love bright colors, nature and flowery scenery, the Botanical Gardens is the choice for you. 

    Distillery District, Toronto 
    For industrial-style wedding photography there is no better place in the city. 13 acres of skillfully restored, vibrant space, which attracts a blend of culture, music, pure fun and relaxation in more intimate atmosphere. All year round, in the morning, evening or during the night, the place vibrates with positive energy. 

    Todmorden Mills, Toronto 
    A place where tradition and nature come together to form an amazing atmosphere. It is perfect for special events taking place in the Papermill Theatre, the Brewery Gallery and other homes. You can be sure that the pictures taken here will be unique. 





    • Star in amazing creative Love Story movies and MTV style music videos.
    • Piper meets every budget, from the most economical to the most elaborate, including destination weddings.
    • OK, we know we promised you five reasons, but we just had to tell you that there’s a 100% guarantee we will be there on your wedding day. All Piper weddings receive backup photographer.