A date with daddy’s little princess

This had been an awaited photoshoot but I knew I would do it one day. Being a daughter, I have always realized that Dad’s have a very special place in their daughter’s lives. As it’s said that daughters are “Dad’s princess” and they truly are, each and every daughter is daddy’s own little princess. The theme that we had in our mind was, the Daddy is on a date with her beautiful princess. They walked around, enjoyed some sweet little desserts, daddy proposed and they danced (that was my favourite) and then they just spend some time with the waves as the sun settled down. The beautiful sounding photoshoot was not easy at all since the photographer was apparently the model here. I seriously got a reality check that day and appreciated the professional photographer’s job more than ever..it’s damn not easy at all. So the way we worked out was he would do all the camera adjustment and my job was to just to focus and click (well, that too took me several re-takes) but at the end we went home with some beautiful shots but more than that some precious memories which were freezed for ever. It’s a priceless keepsake for our family and we know we would visit these memories again and again. We collaborated with few other vendor’s for this shoot. Maret’s designs provided us the gorgeous paper flower, Katya frash collaborated for the sweets and Andrew scenic acres for the location. The beautiful sunset shots were taken at the scarborough bluffs.

 Soma (The Mom)