Snow White (Toronto, ON)

On a snowy afternoon, I received a call from my wife asking whether I ever thought of doing a photo shoot in the snow, not a regular snow shoot, something different !!! probably a snow white themed photo shoot!!! The idea was great and I thought “why not”??? and immediately the search for my snow white began.



I was specifically looking for a model who is not only beautiful but is also comfortable to new ideas..somebody who can withstand the cold to get the best shots and there I got “Divya”. I had experience working with Divya earlier and I knew she would be the best fit.




We were both very enthusiastic and we worked down all the tiny winy details..but then all the snow melted away and, the most important part of the photo shoot was no longer there. We went back to our lives again and this photo shoot was completely forgotten.. but thanks to Divya, she contacted me few months later when again there was a snow prediction and we were again busy planning out the details.    





York University turned out to be our shooting location. It was quite, secluded and full of snow. We decided that we wouldn’t go for the costumes so we kept the theme alive but we added our own bit to the shoot. Divya looked absolutely gorgeous in her red gown.



We enjoyed every moment of the shoot. I can’t imagine how she managed to smile standing in the cold without her jacket. Our favorite shot is the one where she is lying on the snow presumably after eating the poisoned apple. Check out the calmness on her face !!!! it’s just unbelievable..well that’s why she is our snow white afterall !!!!

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