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My story is a little different…. I was a life science research scientist by profession who liked to click pictures. I enjoyed exploring with my camera and realized that I was the happiest person when the camera was with me. That feeling started a new journey in my life and gradually I started really focusing on my photography skills….the more I was learning….the more it was interested and today I am here as a full fledged wedding photographer. Emotions and glamour both attracts me so you may find me in fashion shows clicking pictures too. Personally, I feel very proud when I shoot weddings, well why shouldn’t I??? After all you are believing in me to freeze your most important day in life forever. Have you ever wondered that these wedding photographs are the only..yes only virtual memory that can recreate your wedding memories for your children or your grandchildren and even for you so there should not be any mistakes as there are no retakes. A picture is worth a thousand words they say so for me photography is about telling stories. My goal is not to take an another pretty looking picture rather to capture the moments which makes you to connect with that image down the memory lane, my goal is to have an image which can bring an instant smile to your face and I take this responsibility very seriously. For me, a wedding assignment is in three parts- First; I would like to meet you before your engagement shoot for a couple candid photographs where you can also include your immediate family members. Next is your engagement shot and then the final wedding. Meeting you twice before the wedding day ensures that you and your family members are comfortable in posing for me which ultimately makes your wedding photograph look natural and great. I am not a very big fan of “say cheese” concept so I will not make you pose every time for your photographs. As I said that I love to capture moments so I constantly look for all the overflow of emotions around me, study the most favorable angle and expression and try to click mostly those moments. I do the photojournalistic style, meaning that I will never invade your private moments rather I would capture it as it is. Remember, I was talking about photographs that should make you smile…these are those photographs!!! Moreover I think your wedding day should be enjoyable and relaxing and posing for a certain pose should be the last thing on your mind. Having said that, I also understand the values of portrait family pictures and I know that I can’t miss them so don’t worry, you will have them too. The last part, I don’t like to keep you waiting for the final product and at the same time I have to ensure that each and every picture is taken care of is unique in its way so I give myself a deadline where I just focus on editing your pictures. With me, you can expect your final online gallery and softcopy of the images in a USB in three weeks from your wedding though the album prints can take some extra time depending on your needs.
On the personal side, I am a fun loving and down-to-earth person. I am married to my best friend and we share a long long journey now..its almost more then fifteen years now. We have a daughter together, she is right there with me in that pic. And yes, we all love camping. In summers, I stay in the city only in those days when I am shooting a wedding and rest is beside a lake. Thanks for reading my story and I hope to meet you soon.



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